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    Kubernetes Services

    Kubernetes, an open-source system, is also well-known as K8s used for scaling, management, and automating the deployment of containerized applications. Kubernetes is a new technology that makes application development logical for easy management.

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Businesses Need Kubernetes Services?

    Cloud Native Computing Foundation maintains the open-source container application system. It is founded by Google and helps businesses fully implement and rely on a container-based infrastructure. Kubernetes can help you deliver and handle containerized and cloud-native apps to meet changing business needs. In addition, it makes the development cycle easier for developers as a team they can rapidly build new applications and transform and optimize existing applications services in containers, enabling faster development.

    • Automated rollouts and rollbacks
    • Load balancing
    • Mount the storage system
    • Deploy and update application configuration
    • Save resources
    • Make better use of hardware
    • Automate application deployments

    Why Choose Grey MatterZ For Kubernetes Services?

    With our value-added services, you can realize the power of Kubernetes. We offer complete enterprise-ready Kubernetes containerized solutions. Our solutions provide prebuilt deployment templates, that makes licensing, and portability easier. As a result, Grey MatterZ can make containerized applications using advanced tools and technology and deploy them in the cloud with absolute scalability and control that boosts the ROI of business speedily and effortlessly.

    • Speed up app development
    • Add security to solutions
    • Proven and reliable solutions
    • Streamline development
    • Experienced in making multi-cluster Kubernetes environment
    • User-centric design
    • A trusted partnership
    • Reliable experience
    • Updated with the latest tech stack

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